Donyale Renee aka "Southern Soul Diamond" popped on the Southern Soul Music scene in 2019 with her smash single "Back Dat Booty" ft The Party King, is on the rise to the top! This Diva has a voice of an angle and keeps creating music that surely will reunite the world with good old country soul party music like her latest hit " I Come To Party" written by the King of Trailride-Jeter Jones and produced by Ronald Jefferson/Slack Traxx productions, has everyone ready to heading to the dance floor to have a good ole' time & "Dance The Night Away Baby"!

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Elephant In The Room "No Boundaries Tour"

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

Shaking Crab, 34 Sydney Ave Sydney Plaza, Philadelphia PA 19148

The Elephant In The Room - Queens of R&B "No Boundaries" Tour combines thought leaders from entertainment, business, and community with soul-stirring musical performances. We'll dive head-on into issues we tend to avoid but desperately need to address.

If we do not take the lead in solving problems that impact our communities... those problems will never be resolved. We believe we can initiate discussions and empower men, women, and young adults with inspiration and ideas on how to deal with the unspoken social issues that plague our neighborhoods, such as Mental Health, Social Injustice, Missing and Exploited Women, Domestic Violence, Gun Violence, HIV, Bullying, Sexualization of Women in Music, and many others.

Join NABFEME at the Shaking Crab, 43 Snyder Avenue, Philly - Sept 30th!! Get Your TICKETS Here:

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